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Category Name
Integration (SDK and Drivers)
Category Created
Thu, 27th Feb 2014
Last Article Update
Wed, 17th Dec 2014
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   Integration (SDK and Drivers)


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Article Title Article Views
LabVIEW™ throwing errors 3700
GenTL driver configuration file name limitation 9656
Checking if Buddy is assigned through SDK (Gocator firmware 3.x) 9183
Return value of Go2System_SensorCount 8962
Multiple sensors (Gocator firmware 3.x) 10361
Part count on EtherNet/IP 9665
HALCON crashes when using Gocator for image acquisition 9653
Knowing number of data points before receiving first profile data 9499
Reading profiles in C (Gocator firmware 3.x) 172663
Integrating the SDK within a .NET application (C#, VB.NET, etc.) 11801
Minimum version of VC++ for SDK 9292
Measurement data not received in the SDK even though measurements are added 9342
Combining data when using a multi-sensor setup (G2xxx) 9066
No data output when using Gocator SDK examples 124666
Examples on how to use the Gocator SDK (Gocator firmware 3.x) 134462
Digital input to script 9576
No SDK command to reset encoder count 9227
GenTL driver is correctly installed, but the sensor isn't discovered by CVB (Common Vision Blox) (G3xxx) 9529
Gocator SDK 64-bit Windows support 126921
Saving the current Gocator configuration through the SDK 123302
Activating or switching jobs via SDK (Gocator 4.x) 9593
Difference between ASCII data commands Get Result, Get Value, and Get Decision 9560
Converting exported CSV data into other formats 10183
Gocator not detected by GenTL-compliant third-party software 10049
Gocator encoder index and encoder index pulse (Z) 9533
Gocator encoder Z signal needed for encoder triggered operation 126676