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Thu, 27th Feb 2014
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Tue, 23rd Aug 2016
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Analog output resolution 28983
Averaging time period for encoder frequency displayed in Gocator interface 21572
Encoder quadrature signals and pulses 24649
Frequency of measurement data updates over PROFINET 1804
Gocator Rescue mode 7960
Maximum number of frames that can be stored on a Gocator sensor 22671
Original rotation angle of part when using part matching 9088
Reverse power and safety protection 19779
Size of dataQueue 18441
Surface plane normal vectors 24828
Surface plane tilt 25590
UL/CSA certification 3628
Range and intensity data selection in dual-sensor sensor setup with overlapping lasers 24249
Rescuing Gocator firmware 25192
Choosing the correct Master model or standalone connection 24637
Parameters that affect recording playback on firmware 3.6 24544
Purpose of encoder index pulse (Z) 25341
Accessing the Gocator GUI behind a router 24565
Y position or Y distance inaccurate when compared to calculating from encoder ticks 24583
Shock and vibration tests performed on Gocator 23xx series 24651
Calculating centroids 24748
Impact of dynamic and multiple exposure on sampling speed (G2xxx, G3xxx) 24644
Meaning of system calibration/alignment 24756
Seeing laser line when gate trigger option is enabled, but not active (G2xxx) 24709
Manual calibration 25124
Whole part not displayed in web interface (G2xxx) 24616
Tracking window versus active area (G2xxx) 24513
Encoder triggered mode not working even though encoder is connected properly 25203
How many configuration files can the Gocator store? 112433
Can't connect to sensor via a web browser, but kDiscovery detects sensor 24635
Gocator cable bending radius 66189
kDiscovery doesn't detect sensor 24310
Setting to use with a compatible Selcom output interface (Gocator 1xxx, G2xxx) 24391
Choosing dynamic or multiple exposure mode (G2xxx) 24767
Encoder count is only increasing 111878
No output from the Gocator on EtherNet/IP 24934
Laser line flickers after installation 110437
Maximum encoder rate 30138
Encoder spacing 24491
Meaning of output or processing latency 24389
Difference between operating and storage temperature 25953
No live profile data in the Gocator web interface 112951
Powering the system with 24VDC when using a Master 111724
Frame rate definition 24571
Using trigger input as digital input 24412
Encoders that can be used with Gocator 113277
Files included in a bundle of setting files 24933
Difference between alignment and travel calibration 112743
Maximum allowable frequency for encoder inputs on Master 24298
Calculating the value of Vdata for digital input in active-low set-up 24227
Receiving "THERE IS NO MEASUREMENT DATA FOR OUTPUT" from ASCII Protocol Command "Result" 24511
Viewing Gocator data in a spreadsheet 25645
Sensor autostart 24119
Unit of timestamp in Gocator CSV export file 111618
Improving speed (max frame rate) on Gocator line profiler (G2xxx) 24581
EtherNet/IP messaging 25708
Gocator showing manual calibrated when I did not use the Calibration option 110662
Trigger Drop warnings in Encoder Trigger mode 28392
Encoder resolution definition 116499
Setting up a dual-sensor system without a Master, as standalone 24263
Configuring EtherNet/IP for the Gocator 133772
No laser when the sensor is connected out of the box (G1xxx, G2xxx) 24543
Pulsing the gate signal when using gated trigger mode 24497
I/O cable when connecting to Master 24524
Difference between using a flat surface and a bar for alignment when using a single sensor 111293
Choosing proper exposure time for Gocator line profiler (G2xxx) 24569
Getting latest SDK and firmware 25457
Laser flashing when Gate using External Input setting is checked and input is low (G2xxx) 24386
Estimating scanning speed under a given X or Z resolution (G2xxx) 24615
Maximum digital input trigger rate 27125
Can't assign Buddy sensor (G2xxx, G1xxx) 24073
Using Gocator with third-party vision software 114738
Raw versus Profile operation mode (G2xxx) 24447
Uniform spacing 24676
Triggering Gocator via Ethernet 24981
Number of jobs / configurations Gocator can save 24936
PC and browser requirements for Gocator web interface 24772
Choosing correct setting under Networking 24335
Only one part showing in web interface even though multiple parts were scanned (G2xxx) 24338
Gocator smoothing filter 113217
Configuring Gocator settings from a PLC 25495
Scripting 115093