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chroma+scan 3xxx Series
Category Created
Thu, 27th Feb 2014
Last Article Update
Tue, 13th Sep 2016
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   chroma+scan 3xxx Series

Firmware upgrade did not take effect 

Make sure that both the system and the station PC is restarted after the firmware upgrade is complete.

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Mixed chroma+scan systems 

Yes, all three models (cs3100, cs3150, and cs3155) are 100% compatible and can be used within the same scanning system.

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Maximum cable length between chroma+scan head and Master 

The maximum length of the Firesync cable (PN: 30745 rev 2.0) for chroma+scan sensors is 70 meters. Required cable type is Cat5e.

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Encoders required for c+s systems 

Use an incremetnal quadrature encoder with differential signals of 5V (RS485 level).

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Collecting a health log 

You can collect a health log by using the kClient.exe utility, in which case you must disconnect your own application before connecting to the Station server PC using the utility. You can also collect a health log by implementing a Firesync API call in your own application.

For more information, see the guide attached to this article.

For reference, see the attached sample source.

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zFireSync_Start only works twice 

You must close the data receiver and reopen it for each time you want to do a start/stop sequence. If you need to stop the scanner for a short period, it might be more convenient to use Pause/Restart API calls, as these are faster and don't require closing/opening the receiver.

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c+s 3xxx sensor replacement procedure 

Mount and connect the sensors on the frame.

  1. Download the latest Client Installer and Firmware Release files from
  2. Delete any previous Client installation folders on Client PC.
  3. Install the downloaded Client software on the client PC.
  4. Start the FireSync kClient.exe application from the newly installed software.
  5. Select Connect item from the menu or click the Connect icon.
  6. Using the Basic connection option, enter the IP address of the server PC, then click OK.
  7. Once connected, in the device tree enter the correct serial numbers for the replaced sensors (those should be identified as missing).
  8. Next, select the Server node in the device tree. 
  9. From the Server menu, select Upgrade...
  10. Browse for the desired upgrade package (.dat file downloaded in step 1.), then click OK to begin the upgrade process.
  11. Wait for the upgrade process to complete.
  12. Power-cycle all system components (sensors, stations, master, slaves).
  13. After the client PC boots up, restart the FireSync kClient.exe application.
  14. Verify that the settings are correct and all sensors are listed in the device tree.
  15. Enable system functionality, report any issues.
  16. Calibrate the system.
  17. Disconnect the FireSync kClient.exe application.
  18. Now the system is in a ready state for your application to run.


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