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Date Created
Thu, 20th Sep 2012
Date Modified
Wed, 1st Nov 2017

   No live profile data in the Gocator web interface


Why don't I see live profile data in the Gocator web interface?


Sensor Model G2xxx
Firmware Version 3.x, 4.x
SDK Version n/a

To see live profile data in the web interface, ensure that the trigger mode is configured properly and that the Gocator is running. The CPU and Speed indicators at the top of the web interface indicate if the Gocator is running.

For laser-based sensors, verify that the Laser Safety Signal is enabled and that the laser line is visible.

Make sure the target is witin the measurement range of the sensor.

Use the Auto Set function to automatically set the Exposure and Active Area settings to ensure that the full measurement range is being used.

In Gocator 3.x, when using a FireSync Master, select the correct device in the Connection menu of the Gocator.