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Date Created
Wed, 2nd Apr 2014
Date Modified
Fri, 3rd Oct 2014

   Accuracy of scan data


What is the accuracy of the scan data?


Our accuracy specifications are given on the product data sheets. Links to those data sheets are provided below. It is important, when comparing accuracy data, to know how these specifications were measured. LMI uses a VDI/VDE-approved ball-bar test to determine the accuracy of the sensor throughout its entire FOV. The specifications given on the data sheet represent the worst-case measurements at the extreme limits of our scanners FOV. In many cases the accuracies obtained within a smaller portion of the FOV are significantly better than these figures.

We have found that the best way to determine if the systems will meet your required accuracies is to do a benchmark scan on a representative sample object. Over the years we have found our data has been comparable to that of scanners costing many thousands of dollars more for many applications.

You can find the product datasheets online in the following locations:

Advance (adjustable FOV):

HDI 100 series (fixed FOV):