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Date Created
Wed, 30th Jan 2013
Date Modified
Fri, 4th Jul 2014

   Configuring Gocator settings from a PLC


How can I configure Gocator settings from a PLC?


Sensor Model All
Firmware Version 3.x, 4.x
SDK Version n/a

The PLC protocols that the Gocator supports do not allow for the PLC to explicitly access individual settings. However, the protocols allow the PLC to switch between setting files stored on the sensor. You first need to use the Web Interface to create job files (configuration files in Gocator 3.x) with the different individual settings and give them appropriate names. The PLC can then load a particular job/configuration using the file name.

Refer to the Gocator user manual for a detailed description of the supported PLC protocols and the available commands.