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Date Created
Fri, 4th Jul 2014
Date Modified
Wed, 1st Nov 2017

   Uniform spacing


What is uniform spacing?


Sensor Model G2xxx
Firmware Version 4.x
SDK Version n/a

When the Uniform Spacing setting is enabled in the Scan Mode panel, 3D data is resampled into even-sized bins along the X axis and reported as an array of Z values, which results in structured data that the built-in measurement tools can operate on. The resampling places a heavier load on the sensor's CPU, reducing the maximum speed.

When the Uniform Spacing setting is disabled, 3D data is unprocessed XZ coordinate pairs, one coordinate pair per pixel column on the camera. This is suitable for high-speed applications where data processing is handled by the client PC.

Only a limited number of measurement tools can operate on Profile data when Uniform Spacing is disabled.