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Date Created
Fri, 5th Oct 2012
Date Modified
Mon, 10th Jun 2019

   Configuring EtherNet/IP for the Gocator


How do I configure EtherNet/IP for the Gocator?


Sensor Model All
Firmware Version 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
SDK Version n/a

Gocator supports EtherNet/IP explicit messaging via TCP, which requires setup through the Message Configuration dialog in Allen-Bradley software. A step-by-step configuration guide is available at

Gocator 4.1 and higher also supports implicit messaging (Cyclic and Change of State), via UDP. For more information, see

Before attempting anything else, you should confirm the connection to the sensor by doing one of the following:

Explicit messaging – Read the sensor's serial number from the identity object. If that fails, please take screen shots of the EtherNet/IP configuration dialogues and attach them to an email sent to

Implicit messaging – Check the sensor's running state, which is allocated to byte 0 in the byte index.

Note that there is no Add-On Profile (AOP) available for the Gocator but it can be automatically configured through the EDS file available from the user interface.