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Date Created
Fri, 12th Jun 2015
Date Modified
Fri, 12th Jun 2015

   Problems when scanning an object


Why am I having difficulty scanning an object?


Some surfaces are difficult to scan, such as dark, translucent, or shiny surfaces. Normally, glass and chrome are difficult or impossible to scan properly. When you try to scan objects with these kinds of surfaces, the object may appear to be within scanning range, but will have black areas in the live view windows, and the scanned meshes will have holes in the black areas.

If the object you want to scan can be painted, use a matte white or medium-gray spray paint to cover the object. In order to preserve surface detail, apply only very light coats. For non-permanent coverage, you can use Tinactin powder spray or a foot powder spray. Test any paint or spray on an inconspicuous area of the object to be sure that it does not damage the surface of the object.