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Date Created
Fri, 4th Jul 2014
Date Modified
Mon, 7th Jul 2014

   Activating or switching jobs via SDK (Gocator 4.x)


How can I activate or switch a Gocator job through the SDK?


Sensor Model All
Firmware Version 4.x
SDK Version 4.x

You can activate or switch a Gocator job by using the GoSdk API's GoSensor_CopyFile function to copy a job file to the hidden _live.job file.

The _live.job file contains the currently active job. If Alignment Reference is set to Dynamic, _live.job also contains the transformations associated with the job).

For example, to make a configuration and associated transormations called "myJob.job" active, call the Go2System_CopyFile method with sourceName set to "myJob.job" and destName set to "_live.job". In order for this to work, "myJob.job" has to be present on the sensor, i.e., already uploaded (for example, using GoSensor_UploadFile) or uploaded in the web interface, or saved in sensor storage in the web interface.