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Date Created
Tue, 30th Apr 2013
Date Modified
Mon, 7th Jul 2014

   Knowing number of data points before receiving first profile data


Can the number of data points be known before receiving the first profile data?


Sensor Model G2xxx
Firmware Version 3.x
SDK Version 3.x

When using Raw mode with no resampling, the number of data values will always be the resolution of the imager: 1280 data points for the Gocator 2300 series and 640 data points for the Gocator 2000 series.

When using Profile or Whole Part mode, the number of data points depends on the resampled data. The number of data points in the resampled data in turn depends on settings such as Transformation Angle and X Resampling Resolution: the resulting data contains processed data points, which means that the final number of data points could be higher than the raw imager resolution. Because of this, when using Profile or Whole Part mode, the length of the profile data can be known only after the first profile data is received. After the first profile is received and the length is known, the number of data points will not change as long as all the parameters that could affect the numer of data points remain unchanged. This value could therefore be used for memory allocation, as long as the settings remain unchanged.