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Date Created
Mon, 18th Jul 2011
Date Modified
Tue, 11th Mar 2014

   Command line options for installers


What are the command line options for the installers?


Both the Runtime and Development installers have been updated to allow for more control via the following command line options:

/GIGE_DRIVER=OPTION, where OPTION can be TRUE or FALSE. When TRUE, the GigE driver will be forced to install, even on unsupported operating systems (such as Windows XP without SP3, 64-bit Windows, and Windows 2000). When FALSE, the driver will not install. If the option is not used, the GigE driver will only install on Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista.

/DONGLE_DRIVER=OPTION, where OPTION can be USB, PARALLEL, XPE, or NONE. When USB, the USB-based dongle driver will be installed. When PARALLEL, the parallel-based dongle driver will be installed. When XPE, the USB-based dongle driver suitable for Windows Embedded will be installed. When NONE, the dongle driver will not be installed. If any of these options are used, the driver component configuration will be disabled within the installer. If the option is not used, the installer defaults to using the USB-based driver, which is then configurable within the installer.