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Date Created
Fri, 28th Sep 2012
Date Modified
Fri, 4th Jul 2014

   Unit of timestamp in Gocator CSV export file


What is the unit of the timestamp in the Gocator CSV export file?


Sensor Model All
Firmware Version 3.x, 4.x
SDK Version n/a

Gocator sensors and Master network controllers use an internal time unit equal to 1/1.024 microseconds. This is the unit of the timestamp in the CSV file exported from the Gocator. However, the unit in the web interface is in microseconds.


If the sensor speed has been configured for 100 Hz operation, then the difference between two consecutive time stamps in the CSV file will be 10240. 10240/1.024 = 10000 microseconds = 0.01 seconds, f=100 Hz.