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Date Created
Thu, 9th Aug 2012
Date Modified
Tue, 11th Mar 2014

   Device not present in the HSAcquisitionDevice


Why is the device not present in the HSAcquisitionDevice?


There are different reasons why the device is reported as not available. The main reason is because it is disconnected, or no similar device could be matched to the device in the loaded configuration. Verify that the device is present and visible in HexSight. The best way to verify its visibility in HexSight is to boot up the system and only run the LocatorDemo. In the AcquisitionDevice Properties, try to add the device.

If the device is still not present, check these settings:

  • Is the IP address on a reachable subnet?
  • Is the power plugged in?
  • Can you see it with the proprietary software?
  • Is the HexSight dongle plugged in the system?

If the device is present at bootup in HexSight, but at some point it gets reported as not available, check out this link.