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Date Created
Fri, 28th Feb 2014
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Mon, 27th Feb 2017

   Maximum digital input trigger rate


What is the maximum digital input trigger rate?


Sensor Model All
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The maximum digital input trigger rate in a system including Master 400 or higher is 20 kHz.

When using a standalone sensor or a sensor connected to a Master 100, the maximum trigger rate is 32 kHz. This rate is limited by the fall time of the signal, which depends on the Vin and duty cycles. To achieve the maximum trigger rate, the Vin and duty cycles must be adjusted as follows:

Maximum Speed Vin Maximum Duty Cycle
32 kHz 3.3 V 88%
32 kHz 5 V 56%
32 kHz 7 V 44%
32 kHz 10 V 34%

At 50% duty cycle, the maximum trigger rates are as follows:

Vin Maximum Speed
3.3 V 34 kHz
5 V 34 kHz
10 V 22 kHz