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Date Created
Fri, 29th Sep 2017
Date Modified
Fri, 29th Sep 2017

   Drawing a rectangle marker of the final ROI


 Code snippet to draw a rectangle of the ROI in a Model-Based configuration using the ToolPosition and the Transform of the tool


// Get tool position info
float toolx = HSBlob.ToolPositionX;
float tooly = HSBlob.ToolPositionY;
float toolr = HSBlob.ToolRotation;
float width = HSBlob.ToolWidth;
float height = HSBlob.ToolHeight;

// Get transform info, this is the position of the instance
float transformx = HSBlob.TransformTranslationX;
float transformy = HSBlob.TransformTranslationY;
float transformr = HSBlob.TransformRotation;

// Apply the rotation of the transform to the tool position
float cos = (float)Math.Cos(transformr * Math.PI / 180.0);
float sin = (float)Math.Sin(transformr * Math.PI / 180.0);
float x = toolx * cos - tooly * sin;
float y = toolx * sin + tooly * cos;

// Translate the rotated tool position to the instance position
x += transformx;
y += transformy;

// Compute the final rotation of the tool position
float rotation = transformr + toolr;

// Display the Region of Interest Rectangle
mApplicationDisplay.AddRectangleMarker("Driver Blob", x, y, width, height, true);//user drawable box
mApplicationDisplay.set_RectangleMarkerHeight("Driver Blob", height);
mApplicationDisplay.set_RectangleMarkerWidth("Driver Blob", width);
mApplicationDisplay.set_RectangleMarkerRotation("Driver Blob", rotation);
mApplicationDisplay.set_RectangleMarkerConstraints("Driver Blob", HSDISPLAYLib.hsRectangleMarkerConstraints.hsRectangleNoConstraints);
mApplicationDisplay.set_MarkerColor("Driver Blob", HSDISPLAYLib.hsColor.hsGreen);