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Date Created
Tue, 11th Jul 2017
Date Modified
Wed, 20th Sep 2017

   Gocator as a dongle Checklist


I am still seeing the nag screen when using HexSight with a Gocator. What can I do to remove it?


Here is a small checklist which might be useful to go through to diagnose the issue:

    - The GO_SDK_4 environment variable pointing to the folder containing /bin of the SDK has been created (%GO_SDK_4 = %/bin/win64/GoSdk.dll)

    - The version of the SDK matches the version of the firmware on the Gocator

    - The Gocator is on the same subnet as one of your NIC (same network, and not through a router)

    - There is only one NIC with the subnet of the Gocator

    - The Firewall on the PC is set to off

    - In the Firewall, if enabled, the Public Network access AND the Private Network access are set to off

    - In the Gocator UI, in the Output tab, the Gocator protocol is selected

    - You should be able to see the Gocator UI from the computer

    - You should be able to see the Gocator using the kDiscovery tool

    - A reboot may be required

After running through the checklist, try running a pre-compiled HexSight example (LocatorDemo). Does the nag screen still appear?

If so, enable the logging in HexSight, and send the log file created to the support team, along with information about the system, OS, 32-64 bits, the NIC's and GigE camera addresses and subnets.