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Date Created
Mon, 18th Jul 2011
Date Modified
Tue, 11th Mar 2014

   How to read images into HSDataBase without using the AcquisitionDevice in C++


How can I read images into a HSDataBase without using the AcquisitionDevice in  C++?


HSDatabase lDB = mApplicationControl.GetDatabase();


HSView lView = lDB.AddView ("New View");

const long ltype = HSImage::hsImageType::hsImage32bppRgb;

HSImage lImage = lView.AddImage("New Image",COleVariant(ltype));


lImage.SetWidth( 10 );

lImage.SetHeight( 10 );


// RawImagePointer may be changed after the allocation from SetWidth/SetHeight

// (hsImage32bppRgb represent a DWORD, hsImage8bppGreyScale is a BYTE)

DWORD* lPtr = (DWORD*)lImage.GetRawImagePointer();


for( int i=0; i<10; i++ )


    for( int j=0; j<10; j++ )


        // The two lines in here are both valid, the raw pointer, however, is faster



        lPtr[j+i*(int)lImage.GetWidth()] = 0xffffff;



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